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We can build you a quality HD business commercial for only $195

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Marketing Have You Confused?

Here’s what we know about marketing. People are addicted to the Internet and they choose to watch a short video 3:1 over reading about a product or service. So if you want sales, you have to go to where the people are and capitalize on the power of video.

It’s amazing how much time adults of all ages are spending on the Internet. The big question is, why aren’t you capitalizing on this? We know where to find your kind of prospects, how to attract them, qualify them and get them to you. We can build you a quality video ad for as little as $195 and show you how to target marketing your clients in your area.

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Online Marketing Conversion Rate %

People Targeted by Zip Codes

Video Presentations Viewed Online

Automated Appointments Scheduled

Automated Monthly Emails Sent

Online Seminar Sign Ups

Prospects Pre-Qualified Online

Automated Appointment Reminders

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We’ll show you how to double your sales!

Professional Website Design & Optimization

All websites are not created equally. Most websites are a book on a shelf that never generate leads. We can design you a site that gives viewers what that want and creates interest for seminars trainings, appointments and sales.

Social Media Professional Ad Designs

We will design your ads for you! No more hassles with Photoshop or hiring an ad designer. We design multiple ads, then we split test them to see which ones generate the most clicks. You can increase your marketing budget based on the ad that works the best. We take the guess work out of marketing.

"Micro Target" Marketing Lead Generation

After we design your ads, we identify who your prospects are, where they live and how to find them. We can “micro target” market specific zip codes, age groups, job titles, special interest and more. Only these people will see your ad to insure you are maximizing your marketing dollars.

Videos Commercials Presentations

You’ll never find a deal like this…we can design you a custom HD business commercial for only $195! We can also develop an online sales presentation that can reach thousands of viewers which feeds them into your appointment scheduler. Nothing generates interest like a video.

SmartForms Effective Qualifier

After a prospect sees your ad and views your video presentation, they are directed to a SmartForm which asks them short pre-qualification questions. Ask them anything you like with drop down answers to choose from. This helps you decide if the prospect is worth your time or not. The key is to pack your schedule with “Qualified” prospects.

Automated Appointment

Once a prospect is qualified, they can schedule their own appointment without you doing a thing, all based on when you choose to be available. You will be notified of the prospects answers to the questions before you meet with them. Imagine the time you’ll save by having people qualify themselves and then schedule their own appointment…all without you doing a thing!

Online Seminar Sign Up System

Thinking of running a seminar, training or workshop? Now you can save time and money by having people register for your events online. It also includes an automated follow up system that emails the attendees days prior to the event to increase the show up rate. We professionally design the HTML messages with custom images and optional attachments regarding your event.

Internal Staff Notifications

Do you have internal staff? With staff notifications we can send them reminders with specific information for tasks on a scheduled basis. Whether its a reminder to call an upcoming appointment, confirmation call to seminar sign ups or a reminder to contact a client for an annual review, we can create staff notifications for any purpose that automatically sends the outcome of the task to your CRM database.

Automate Your Sales & Marketing

Would you like to learn how cloud automation can save you time and increase your sales?

Imagine how productive you would be if you could automate your marketing, have hundreds of targeted propsects view a sales presentation each week, qualify themselves online with custom questions, and then schedule their own appointment…all without you doing a thing!

We can show you how to do this and much more.

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